Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Reflections of a Cancer Survivor

June 1st is my mother’s birthday. I love that wonderful feisty woman with all my heart. Her joyful spirit is a constant reminder to me that survivors can live a joyful life. I miss her so very much. I was only 37 when she died of cancer.

July 12, 2017 will be my 5-year anniversary taking an experimental oral cancer drug that put me into clinical complete remission January 2015. This is a time for deep contemplation on the life I have been blessed with after I was given no options.

I know that at any time the cancer I have could raise it’s ugly head, so what have I learned and how have I managed to live my life well?

• Make my time here on earth matter.
• Forgive those people in my life who are caught in the quagmire of pettiness, unhealthy relationships, twisted logic, and judgment. Let them go with love, if they become too toxic for my survival.
• Tell those whom I love how much they mean to me.
• Live in the here and now. Today is all we have. Don’t get stuck in yesterday. It’s gone. The value – whether negative or positive -- made me who I am today. Tomorrow is a dream. It hasn’t happened yet.
• I am really good at certain things and I stink at other things. LOL. Spending my time doing things I am good at is a good use of time. Spending time doing things I stink at may not be a good use of my time, but it may develop my sense of humor, give me humility, and help me to respect those who excel at that thing.
• Don’t judge others. I have no idea what burdens they are carrying in their lives.
• There is always someone who is worse off than me. There is always someone who is better off than me. So deal with the cards I have been given and enjoy the ride.
• I am the master of my journey. We have this one opportunity on earth to live our lives. Don’t waste it.
• Don’t try to solve other people’s problems. It is their life and they have the free will to live it as they choose. Don’t give anyone advice, unless they ask for it. (I am assuming that you are reading this blog because you are looking for advice. LOL.) Most people just want to be validated.
• Count my blessings every day.
• Stay away from people who can only find fault in others. Life is hard enough without a Negative Nellie bringing me down.
• Don’t take life too seriously. Hang out with children. They know how to play. I watch my granddaughter sing and twirl and dance. There is much to be learned from children.
• Be kind. Be kind. And be kind.


  1. Very nice post & glad to read that you are still going well; gives me hope - Thanks! Jackie Davis